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a bit about me

I'm committed to designing ethical tools that empower people to create, express themselves, and live better. I'm also committed to resisting products and services that attempt to exploit people's time, attention, and/or money.

I'm a generalist through and through, and am as comfortable designing research initiatives, laying out information architecture, and prototyping as I am creating high-fidelity screens, maintaining design systems, fine-tuning microcopy (I ♥ UX writing), and working with developers to bring screens to life.

I'm interested in promoting access to tech jobs, and to diversity in all forms within the field. To that end, I teach aspiring designers at Startup Institute. In 2018 I was honored with a "best instructor" award. I also mentor folks through AIGA Boston and the Tech Jobs Tour.

Prior to working as a designer, I was a researcher. I worked at MIT with Dr. Sherry Turkle on her NYTimes best selling book Reclaiming Conversation. I also worked with the Tufts Human Computer Interaction Lab, where I published a paper on designing brain computer interfaces in IEEE Computer.

I love to ride my bike, play guitar, lift weights, read books, and spend time outside.


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